Tuesday, April 28, 2015

What is Nhv.Org? Get involved.

What is Nhv.Org?

Designed as an alternative to Facebook in 2010, Nhv.org is your classic example of a content management system, based in Google Blogger, with a focus on local activity.

Recently the front end has been revamped to include Twitter Bootstrap technology so that the homepage works whether on a desktop or mobile. The home screen, featuring options for whether you're on the go or at home, is rhetorical. It's set up that way to remind you that a different desktop experience awaits you at home, should you choose to get more involved.


Nhv.Org was originally designed in 2010 when it was noticed that many people were using the tag #NHV. This was in order to mention "New Haven" online, and was part of a national trend of using the customary abbreviations of airport or train codes to mention a city within the confinement of Twitter's 140-character limit. New Haven's tag became #NHV and everyone from Yale to the City of New Haven's official accounts have used #NHV as a way of sharing information to a locally interested audience.


Nhv.Org is designed with an interest to produce high-definition quality content, such as HD1080p video from as recently as a day ago. With the influx of technological devices allowing just about anyone to produce film or publish articles, the platform extends to the community to help share awareness of current events and content from qualified producers.
The network is also designed to inform the public of everything happening, from giant Slip and Slides to election campaigns. The goal is to connect the people of New Haven in order to build a stronger sense of community, by allowing local organizations and groups the ability to agument the range and reach of their message by unifying information on a platform which offers access to contribute in a variety of ways.

Public Accessibility

Anyone with Twitter or Instagram has access to the platform by tagging #nhv on an Instagram or Twitter post. Many people do this unintentionally and contribute to the assortment of other persons, businesses and organizations also sharing to the same list. That list is accessible here.
Groups, organizations and individuals with public Google Calendars can be automatically plugged into the RSS Calendar Feed. Simply send an email with a link to your public Google calendar (subject: "Add Calendar") and your events will appear on the Nhv.Org Calendar once imported.
Groups, organizations and individuals with Gmail accounts and an interest to write to the Nhv.Org blog can be granted access by requesting permission.

Quality Content

Nhv.Org is designed with an interest to produce quality content, particuarly high-definition video, so we offer our media team to assist you in your project. In that way, the organization helps create new jobs for those interested in careers in media, by growing the market and exposure for locally produced video.