Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Coffee Pedaler - Now Open! (Video)

New Coffeeshop at 605 East Street - New Haven, CT.  
With plenty of spacious seating and a brand-new interior, The Coffee Pedaler is ready for business.  Proprietor Ryan Taylor makes delicious coffee 7am-5pm at the new shop, located on East St. near the corner of State Street and Mechanic (next to Gloria's, across from the Pantry).  They've got great wifi, even outdoor seating with a couple benches.

With enough of the same bicycle-friendly atmosphere going on in the Upper State Street neighborhood nowadays, and some entrepreneurial finesse, Ryan counts the beans (in real life, with a digital weight measurement device) of each cup he makes.  You can select from any of his variety of beans for your morning coffee.  Read more for video.

Coffee Pedaler - Episode Prequel from #NHV on Vimeo.
Every single cup is individually made.  First, you select the type of coffee you want.  Then, the barista pours a specified weight of that type of bean.  The beans are then ground and poured over with hot water.  Fresh coffee bubbles as it brews (see the video).  Not to get too scientific about it.

Don't be misled by the video- it's not on Mechanic Street.  It's actually across the street from the Mechanic/State intersection on adjacent East Street, near the corner.

Here's how to get there from downtown.

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The Coffee Pedaler 605 East Street
Open Everyday 7am - 3pm