Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Quarter-Mile Slip and Slide Possibly Being Planned Downtown This Summer - UPDATE


There have been preliminary meetings regarding permits with City Hall officials. It's said that Prospect Street is the top contender for location.


There have been recent reports of a giant Slip and Slide being planned for Downtown New Haven. according to website "Slide The City."

"Embrace your inner child and get ready for the slide of your life! Slide the City is bringing the biggest water party of the summer to your city. Grab your swimsuit and speed down this one of a kind 1000ft slip and slide. There will be music, dancing, food, drinks, and even some swag for sale so you can soak up the sun in style."

Topography of Prospect St.
The website's New Haven page contains a map which appears to be pointing nowhere in particular (it's the default for where the zip code 06501 points on Google Maps) so the actual location of the event is uncertain. 1000ft for a slip and slide sounds awesome, but the New Haven Green is only 874ft.
The site does say that it converts city streets into slip and slides, so this could take place on an actual city street such as Church St or Chapel St. as more details emerge.

Events on the website say that while locations are planned through September, New Haven is listed as "Coming Soon" meaning that an exact time and location have not been planned. Nearby Waterbury is planned already on July 18 (site).