Thursday, January 12, 2012

Annual Youth Day Event on Saturday, January 14th.

You should come to youth day, and here's why.  "All we're gonna do is encourage you," sings Shaylah McQueen, in front of the library.   She's the project's Director of Expansion.

Youth Day is organized by a group of young people in New Haven, most notably the director, Sabir Abdussabur, who is currently at Amistad Academy.

The event will include contests, games and prizes.  The atmosphere will promote community, cooperation, and positivity.  The challenges are meant to encourage individuals to unlock their potential, and express themselves in creative ways.  There will be an emceeing contest, where poets improvise rhymes on the spot.  In addition, there will also be a beatmaking station, provided by Stereomedia.Org.  The station will provide kids each a 30-minute opportunity to compose a song on a computer.  The songs will later on be merged into the emceeing part of the event.  Among that contest, there will be others involving popular videogames like Rock Band and others.

Youth Day takes place on Saturday at the New Haven Library's Main Branch, located downtown at 133 Elm Street.  The public is fully invited, and it will be in full swing from 11am - 6pm.  Young people with any interest in observing or participating are precisely who this event has been designed for.

A preview of the event.

The event will also be summarized in a post-event documentary which will replace the graphic below, which will also be featured here on TownofNewHaven!  See Calendar for concise details.