Tuesday, August 20, 2013

NhvMayor2013 Interview Series - 1 Left!

Video StillFrame:  Harp and Poland (E.Rock)
As part of our "Get To Know #Nhv" Theme, this website has been approaching candidates with the interest of conducting one-on-one interviews with community members.  Toni Harp spoke to Steve, a resident of East Rock. Justin Elicker had a conversation with Jahmal Henderson, a resident of the neighborhood of Newhallville.  Each conversation is from 10-15 minutes in length, none of the content is rehearsed or recited.

Many of the match-ups are selected with the intent of drawing from contrast, and the conversations themselves hold to the interests of the community at the present time.  The full run time of the completed project should be approximately 30-45 minutes.  We're reaching out to the Fernandez and Carolina campaigns to participate in the two remaining sections which have yet to be filmed.

Video StillFrame:  Elicker and Henderson (Newhallville)
While these interviews may not have an impact on the outcome of the election, they might encourage the community to become more actively engaged in the voting process.  To whomever wins the election, this video might be a worthwhile piece to watch, because all of the points being discussed throughout this project will probably be relevant throughout his or her time as mayor and reflect the current climate, relating the problems posed by citizens and the solutions proposed by the candidates who seek to represent them at mayor.

The tone of the discussion is more like a conversation than a debate. These are conversations between candidates and individual community members in outdoor spaces as the mayoral race heads into the Autumn.  We'd like to release the footage in October in segments online as well as in one full-length documentary due out to be aired just weeks before the election.

If successful, we hope to make this into a tradition of support and work with the museum in preserving these conversations as a part of history.  This in particular is an historic race for mayor, with John DeStefano announcing earlier this year that he would not be seeking re-election.  2014 will be the first year that New Haven will have a different mayor other than DeStefano since 1994.  Stay Tuned for more and click *Like* to the left on home version to get Nhv.Org updates.