Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Good Stuff of 2013

The nicest darned place in America. 
Posted below  are some of the best posts, in reverse order from most recent to oldest, from 2013.

This was a particularly good year for Nhv.Org because it was a great year for New Haven. We have a new mayor, a new Yale President, and it seems evident that some things are going to change next year.
Change is something we embrace each season, and that's one thing that's lovely about New England; we experience it drastically every year with each season.

Something Exciting everyday.

Special Appreciation this Year:

Candidates of the New Haven Mayoral Race

Stetson Branch of NHFPL

Department of Traffic and Parking

And Everyone Using Hashtag #NHV
Thanks for your encouragement and support!
Best Video of the Year was probably Snow Day.
Most innovative feature was custom instagram animated videos.

Stay Tuned! Next Year might be better.
For reasons unexplained, the website traffic took a turn south, peaking in September at about 8000 views that month, or over 2000 per week in traffic. Each month since, it's been in decline. September: 7,667. October, 5467. November: 3,772. In spite of some pretty good topical writing and multimedia, along with the social aspect of photographs & commentary.

Also, enough of this weak snow. Would we rather prefer crisp blizzard day-afters, where crowds take to the streets in protest of lack of hot chocolate at the local coffee breweries. People saying, "Where art thou's, baristas?" in theatrical broken English.