Monday, December 9, 2013

Animated Insta-Flyer, Free Holiday Tune

This Instagram flyer was designed originally by Meg Kazukynas. The globe was designed byMaya Szatai, and then adopted by Kid Analog to produce an animated edition, uploaded by the account.

The music was produced on Reason software using a midi file of "Carol of the Bells" which was then enhanced with drums and given a marimba sound. It was the suggestion of Melissa Gonzales, of Vintanthromodern, who recommended that the flyer be animated.

Some level of technical proficiency was involved in the production and uploading of the graphic. Contained in it are many Rotation X axis usages, a few scale techniques, and some positioning maneuvers.  The ribbon on the bottom is utilizing a technique known as ripple. There's a letter exploding moment inside the bubble. If your eye is quick, you can catch a #nhv bubble.

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Custom Instagram Video from Stereomedia.Org on Square Market

The vendors in attendance are listed on the Holiday Haven Official Website.