Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Small Multiples on NPR Music

Click Here for the referenced NPR Article
The New Haven and New York based music group, Small Multiples, was given some subtle acknowledgement on today's "All Songs Considered" feature on the NPR Music Website.

Craig Hartley, one of the musicians in the group, had this to say about being featured on All Songs Considered:   "I found out 2 nights ago. It feels nice."

This also coincides with the release of their new official music video for the song, "Make Up," and you can watch that on the NHV Local Scene Page [music video].

When asked whether he takes the train or drives into NYC to perform, which he often does, Craig responded that he usually drives, and that this past Friday's train accident does not impact the way that he feels about safety aboard Metro North.

Another member of Small Multiples is Eli Friedmann, who is also a photographer in New York City.  You can follow him on Instagram: @Eligit.  Here are a few samples of his most recent pictures: