Thursday, September 26, 2013

Metro North's Indefinitely Revised Schedule

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Metro North is the train line which runs from New Haven to New York City, and ridership is on the rise.  In 2012, Metro-North passengers rose 0.8% to 83 million, its second-highest year ever, nearly matching the record of 83.6 million set in 2008 (source).

However a recent failure of a feeder line in Mt. Vernon has caused there to be limited service, unexpectedly.  The feeder line failure makes it impossible to run trains from the high-voltage DC electricity lines overhead.  Some diesel-engine trains were dispatched but were unable to entirely make up for the decrease of availability to service.  To put things in perspective, MTA estimated that it lost 1,800,000 rides due to Hurricane Sandy.  This time, the Metro North line is expected to have limited service for an estimated 3 weeks.  These types of situations also clog the highways, which are already at capacity and experience rush-hour slowdowns in the morning and afternoons, particularly south of Bridgeport through Fairfield County.  Having less train service will undoubtedly put more cars on the road, worsening the traffic problem, restraining access to New York City from Connecticut.

The Official Advisory from the MTA Homepage:

Metro-North is working with Con Edison to try to establish alternative power sources to serve the New Haven Line. Con Ed crews are working around the clock to make repairs to a feeder cable that failed earlier today. Another feeder normally providing service to the New Haven Line was out on scheduled repairs to accommodate upgrades required by Metro-North.

AM Peak Service

To Grand Central:
From New Haven to Stamford train service provided every 20-30 minutes and will connect with:
  • Limited diesel train service from Stamford operating directly to Harlem-125th Street and GCT
  • Limited local train service every 20-30 minutes from Stamford through Rye Stations; connecting with express bus service to White Plains Station for Harlem Line train service to Grand Central  
From Harrison to Grand Central Terminal service will be provided as follows:
  • Limited local train service every 20-30 minutes from Harrison through New Rochelle Stations and operating directly to Fordham, Harlem-125th Street and Grand Central Terminal
  • Bus Service from Pelham and Mount Vernon East to Mount Vernon West for Harlem Line train service
From Grand Central:
  • Limited diesel train service will be provided every 30-40 minutes from GCT and making all local stops to Stamford; with hourly connections at Stamford for train service to New Haven.
Off-Peak Service

To Grand Central:
  • Hourly shuttle service between New Haven (departing every 45 minutes after the hour) and Stamford with local train service operating every half hour between Stamford and Grand Central Terminal.
From Grand Central:
  • -Train service operating every half hour (:04 and :34 after the hour) out of Grand Central making all local stops to Stamford with hourly connections at Stamford for train service to New Haven.
PM Peak Service

From Grand Central to Stamford/New Haven:
  • -Limited service from Grand Central direct to Stamford with connections to New Haven provided every 20-30 minutes.
  • -Harlem Line Service to White Plains Station with express bus service to Rye Station for local train service between Rye and Stamford operating every 20-30 minutes
From Grand Central to Harrison:
  • -Limited train service operating every 30 minutes from Grand Central to New Rochelle, Larchmont, Mamaroneck and Harrison Stations
  • -Harlem Line train service to Mount Vernon West for Bus Service to Pelham and Mount Vernon East Stations 
Please visit our schedules page for complete schedule information through 3 PM.

Limited Bus/Train Service in Effect
on New Haven Line Beginning Today, Thursday, Sept. 26

Limited Bus/Train Service is being provided for the New Haven Line beginning with AM Peak service today, Thursday, September 26, and until further notice due to the loss of a Con Edison feeder that supplies traction power to the line's electric fleet.  

The service plan can accommodate approximately 33% of the regular ridership on the New Haven Line.

As a result:
  • Customers are strongly encouraged to stay home or should seek alternate service 
  • New Haven Line tickets continue to be cross honored on the Harlem Line
  • Customers should expect crowded conditions and should listen for announcements at their station
Bus Service will be provided on the Waterbury branch and limited shuttle train service will operate on the Danbury and New Canaan Branches.

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