Friday, November 1, 2013

Conversations with Candidates

Toni Harp speaks to Steve, a resident of East Rock on his front porch.

Justin Elicker speaks to Jahmal Henderson on a bench in Newhallville.

From CWOS Alternative Space Last Week
With so much news pertaining to the mayoral race this year, it's difficult to determine the position of the candidates.  Wouldn't it be great if you could just sit with each one for ten minutes and discuss the issues of the day? These were filmed over the summer.  It was part of a series, with a theme.  Community members were paired up with different candidates and asked to have a conversation. The result was something that might be considered more organic and authentic than traditional news; something insightful and helpful to those who are still determining which candidate they would like to vote for;  everyone is hoping for one of the biggest turnouts in #nhv voting history.  Voting day is November 5th.  If you are looking for your polling location, try here.

Click here for Nhv.Org's full video coverage of important mayoral race events this year in 2013.

Honorable mention to Henry Fernandez who participated in the project.  Here is the audio of his interview with Ibrahim Abdul Qawiyy on the New Haven Green.