Friday, May 8, 2015

Researching @NewHavenFire on Twitter

That huge cloud you saw on the corner of Chapel and Church yesterday afternoon was part of a massive blaze just over the New Haven border in neighboring West Haven:
That video appeared as such from downtown:

Later that Evening...
Crossing the Quinnipiac River around dusk, drivers heading North on 95 would be seeing this on their left-hand side from Fair Haven Heights, later reported by other Twitter users as coming from Springside Ave: 

The @NewHavenFire twitter account maintained a close connection with the community of individuals on Twitter who communicated back and forth conversationally as the details of each event progressed. Faster than the news, local citizens with access to an under-rated app were privy to the best information, which assisted mostly with diverting traffic away from areas where the separate blazes were occurring. 

This morning, a rolling hazy fog cast shadows upon the buildings in the city downtown.