Thursday, May 7, 2015

Better than... Portsmouth? 2 New Polls.

No obligation at all, but if you really really want to vote for New Haven in the Condé Nast Traveler Readers' Choice Awards, this lovely infographic has been created to assist you in the process: 
We are presently a top contender but could use your help in pushing this effort past other cities in the region, particularly the emergent Portsmouth, New Hampshire (which is actually a very nice place, too). If you have the time to follow these steps, that would be cool.

you should vote.
Other contests later now include this Outdoor Magazine poll where we're literally head-to-head with Portsmouth (see the "March Madness-esque" brackets?) The Outdoor Magazine contest is a little easier to vote for, and contain a variety of different match-ups across the United States (Hilo Hawaii vs Juneau Alaska is a close call at the moment). Presently the standings for the New Haven vs Portsmouth results are tipping steadily in favor of the even-smaller city of 21,000+ on the narrow coastline of New Hampshire (yes, New Hampshire has the shortest US coastline of any state, with just 18 miles of waterfront at its southeast corner, bordering Maine and Massachusetts). 

Not to say that you have to do anything, but there will be a recall of many "better-than" teeshirts in the area if we can't somehow manage to draw just a few more votes, particularly from the Outside Magazine Poll: 
Current Standings as of this morning