Friday, June 6, 2014

Women's Rallies and Public Meetings Saturday

11am at Wooster Park: Rally "#YesAllWomen"
On Saturday June 7, join a nationwide effort to move the discussion surrounding #YesAllWomen from the Internet to our communities. It's a discussion that can't be confined to 140 characters, and one that has space for everyone's story.

Bring your story to Wooster Square on June 7th as we talk about how to make home, work, and play safer for women in Connecticut.

There's a Facebook Group for this, by the way.

1pm at Wilson Library: Public Meeting
To continue the topic today, later at 1pm there is another event at the Wilson Branch Library in the Hill Section at 303 Washington Avenue. It's free and there will be refreshments. It's about the Struggle for LGBT Liberation (Stonewall Was A Riot). The flyer reads, "Victories in every state have not been the result of benevolent judges or legislatures, but the product of massive peoples' movements for equality. How can we keep building these necessary movements?"

And it will also contain a talk about the roots of LGBTQ Oppression. How it connects to other forms of oppresion like racism and sexism. And how movements unite to fight capitalism, the root facuse of oppression? This is hosted by the Party for Socialism and Liberation. You can find more information on their site at LiberationNews.Org