Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bands at BAR

Every Wednesday at BAR New Haven, there are bands that Manic Mark hand-selects to rock the house.  These guys are called The Night Beats, and they're pretty good.  You can rest assured (or rock assured, in this case), that the music on Wednesday nights at BAR is guaranteed free and probably good.

Nhv.Org provides New Haven with one of the most comprehensive, all-in-one-spot calendars for music events that exists.  Not only is it easy to find, it's also available on your phone, and you can add to it directly.  Not bad for some free stuff some kid is doing in his spare time.

Do I sacrifice having a life for building this remarkably crazy website?  No, not at all.  It's a catalyst for my enjoyment of my city.  And by sharing, I hope to encourage others to enjoy New Haven as well.

In the near future, information specifically about the Music Scene will appear separately on a different site, entitled Tnh-1.Com.