Thursday, June 5, 2014

Maya Angelou Mural in New Haven

Maya Angelou, a legendary author and poet, passed away recently. So graffiti artists in the city of New Haven, namely Tank and Dooley-O, decided to commemorate her existence with a mural on the corner of Henry and Orchard. You can ride your bicycle, walk, or drive there if you would like to (see map location below).

Dooley-O Jackson, legendary street artist (Deejay, producer, graffiti writer and mentor to New Haven's youth) helped put the project together with another writer, Tank. Previously in the same location there existed a different mural, also including a Angelou quote.
Street art remains alive and vibrant in New Haven.

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The previous mural incorporated a Maya Angelou quote.
Johanna from Ice The Beef was also there, engaging the youth in a discussion about who she was and what she accomplished. Icing the beef is not just a great way to preserve delicious food; it stands to mitigate some of the circumstances which result in the eruption of violence, particularly among inner city youth.