Monday, October 14, 2013

CityWideOpenStudios This Year

Erector Square, located at 315 Peck Street in New Haven, was once home to the most popular kids' building toy in the world.  Envisioned by A.C. Gilbert just about 100 years ago, his invention, inspired in trainsit between New Haven and New York, on the train line which is now Metro North.

Today, it houses the studio spaces for many of the more prolific artists in town, as you will see in the video below.  In the words of Steve from Hulls on Chapel Street (an independently owned art store downtown), Erector Square's open studios helps New Haven by "giving something to the ages; i think that's very exciting for the whole city."

CWOS from #NHV on Vimeo.  Music by L.S. Aristotle

We went and took a random sample of a few artists and composed a video featuring a few of their works, arbitrarily; even the length of footage in each segment is different.  But the point remains the same:  New Haven artists are working hard to keep up with the level of ingenuity of A.C. Gilbert, and the creative spirit of the building seems to reverberate in the works made visible to the public during this annual event.

Organized by ArtSpace, CWOS (CityWide Open Studios) is the largest arts-oriented event in the city all year, and is the largest public event in the month of October (overshadowed only by the inauguration of Yale presidents on a rare occasion).

The Official Guide to CityWide Open Studios can be found by clicking the words you just recently encountered (the only hypertext link in this sentence).  It's in PDF format.

The schedule for this year's events are as follows:
Oct 4      Opening Party
Oct 12–13      Erector Square, 315 Peck Street
Oct 19–20      Passport Weekend, Private Studios
Oct 26–27      Alternative Space, Goffe Street Armory

Artwork seen in the video (in order of appearance):

Jaime A. Kriksciun - Stained Glass
specilaizing in unique stained glass work

Martha Lewis - Drawings, "The Elaboratory"

Bregamos Theater Unidad Latina en Accion

Regina Thomas - Collage, Mixed Media

Lani Asuncion - Video Artist

In particular, you can watch parts of Lani's videos here.  Unidad latina en Accion is hosting a "Day of the Dead" Parade and Celebration on Sat. November 2 at 4pm (see calendar).

Bregamos Theater, within the Peck St. (A.C. Gilbert) facility will also be making giant puppets, instruments, and et cetera on Sundays all month in October from 1-5pm.  That's free and for all ages.  You can call them if you'd like to be a part of it.

meeting artists (*unlisted)
Inquiries about any of these artists may be reached, if no website is available, via the email address of this website:

Click for CWOS.Org