Sunday, September 22, 2013

Pizza Trick: Avert the Wooster St. Lines

A young woman enjoys pizza with her dad, visiting
Surely, by now you've realized that the additional price you pay, beyond the cost of the pizza, is the time you wait in line on Wooster Street.  While many a great interaction and conversation are to be had while awaiting a table at these fine institutions, there is an alternative measure which may not be considered by all.

Here's the trick for how to not wait in line at Pepe's or Sally's, still enjoy great Wooster Square pizza and have the additional facet of outdoor seating, while not having to wait in line. It might sound like a no-brainer, and it won't save you money on your taxes, but it might save you a little bit of time.
  1. Order by phone to either location:  Sally's number is (203) 624-5271. 
    The line to order for pick-up at Pepe's on Wooster Street is (203) 865-7602.  
  2. Go and pick up the pizza at the time when they say it will be ready.  At certain times of the day, that could mean waiting for an hour, so expect some delay, depending on when you're eating.  
  3. Walk 1200ft from Sally's or 1000ft from Pepe's to Wooster Square Park.  It's not that far.  In fact, it's literally around the corner.   Then find a decent bench, sit and eat!  Viola!  Pizza in the park.  

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