Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Back to Our Regular Programming.

Episode 5: Introducing Katro Storm from BooSlick Show on Vimeo.

You can actually learn about African American history during any month of the year.  But since this is a special year (New Haven's 375th), we thought we'd take you to the studio of Katro Storm, a local artist who also curates shows at the gallery inside of  the Arts Council on Audubon Street.

Stay up to date on the latest works of Katro by viewing the Artists' Page he updates regularly.

Learn more about Jahmal Henderson by staying tuned to the Boo Slick Show, where he introduces the audience to various members of the African American community and talks about folk lore and personal history: Emphasizm is complicated (@1:45).

Art by Renaldo Davidson
There is always the possibility that you could also view the gallery of artwork in tribute to poet Langston Hughes, which is available at the Sumner Gallery, which is located in the Arts Council, at 70 Audubon St. on the 2nd floor.  It will be on display until the 22nd of March.

Don't forget to also watch the video!  Katro speaks to Jahmal Henderson (Boo Slick) about personal stories including ones about Gil Scott Heron, as well as pitchers like Satchel Paige, a MLB Pitcher who also played in the Negro Leagues.

There will also be a bonus video to be released by the end of the month about Katro's experience witnessing the growth in success of Harold Hunter at the time of his peak, which will air on Townie Music Scene, which is a sub-part of the Nhv.Org local network.

Oscars Tie-In
It should also be noted that Beasts of the Southern Wild director Benh Zeitlin's folks are folklore archivists who started the organization City Lore in New York City.  Does this qualify as folk lore?

Here's a link to the story that Katro is referring to @1:28 in the video.