Sunday, September 22, 2013

East Rock Fest Video Recap

East Rock Festival 2013 from #NHV on Vimeo.

The East Rock Festival was a success again this year, with participation from the New Haven Parks Department (providing the climbing wall), numerous vendors, musicians, and most of all, members of the community, cohesively bringing together an atmosphere reminiscent of New York City in the mid-1980's, when community street festivals were the norm.

In years to come, we hope that the festival continues to evolve and grow, because that's what the community around it is doing.  If you're interested in attending or participating in the festival next year, maybe watch the short 2-minute video and get a feel for the type of environment the event creates.

Local craftsmen, including spoon maker Reinaldo Cruz, as well as buttonmaker/graphic designer Jessica Ferguson were there.  Elm City Wellness was there.  Vintanthromodern was there.  Many others, as well.  Caseus Cheese Truck was there.  In fact, so many participants (Katalina's Cupcakes...) and many others were there.  It's impossible to mention everyone.

Coach Nate from New Haven Youth Soccer was teaching kids how to dribble a soccer ball on one's head, along with Coach Freddy (in the video).  They inspired kids to be athletic and take a chance at a new sport.  If you have a kid in the age group eligible for their program, try NHYSoccer.Org.

Next year, sign up!  It'll be just as an amazing experience as this year.  The weather could not have been better for a day in September.  Don't know who to thank for that; but...  thanks!