Monday, August 19, 2013

Residents Talk About Regret on #ILNH

I Love New Haven, the pro-active social photography blog of Chris Randall and Jeffrey Kerekes, this week is featuring a series of interviews and audio with residents regarding a simple and perhaps personal question:  "What is your biggest regret?"

The responses vary from everything containing responses regarding not finishing college, getting involved in substance abuse, having children at an early age, or not meeting their spouses soon enough.  As a way of getting to know New Haven, this stands out as an excellent way of familiarizing residents of the city with one another in a public but personal way.

There are 7 total portraits and interviews and each one is less than a minute long.  Many of the answers are only a sentence long.  We'd like to hear Chris Randall ask a more upbeat question in the future; or to answer his own before inquiring of the broader community about it, since surely the subject matter itself was probably originated by some kind of introspective moment.

Here is the link to that full article.  You can also help send Chris and Jeffrey to Kentucky by contributing to their IndieGogo campaign.  They hope to attend a workshop there.
Visit their website.