Friday, February 28, 2014

#NHV: Sharing the System

There are many websites online that are available for the public to find information, such as New Haven Independent and Daily Nutmeg. These are based on the traditional magazine or newspaper. Nhv.Org is designed differently, to allow the audience to participate in the creation of content, in various ways and on different levels of involvement. This article explains and describes the various ways that you can post your information here for others in your community to discover.

The content is constantly changing. You can check back tomorrow, and all of the tweets and photos will be different. The site posts an article 5 times per week at minimum. The posts are a mix of original media content, aggregated (embedded) media, and public announcements.

a. Post to Twitter or Instagram with #Nhv Hashtag (automatic)
Whatever you post on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #Nhv will appear on the site automatically. It will be displayed for a limited time (usually for the course of a day) on both the home and mobile versions. You can also discover others taking great pictures of New Haven on Instagram, or find out great pieces of information, like the Food Council conference at Career High School last weekend, for instance.

b. Email Website with News & Information.
Let's say you have an event that you're trying to promote, or you would like people to know that something is happening in the future. Perhaps you would like the event to be covered by local media. You should contact by sending an email to It's easy. Attach flyers, links, and virtually anything that you think the public should be aware of. We will take your information, post it, use your language in your press release, and perhaps even make the language more clearer by including references and links, add it to calendars. Just email the site.

If you've developed a Map and you'd like it posted, we will include it on NhvMaps. If you're fundraising and you want people to watch your latest video, that's OK too.

c. Request Events Posting Access.
Perhaps you'd like your event to be listed on the calendar. This is also easy for your events to appear automatically with just a slight amount of configuration. If you're an organization that regularly posts events, you can send Nhv.Org the access to your calendar feed, so that your events will appear automatically. This is already working well for the New Haven Free Public Library, as well as Leitner Public Observatory. Your events will appear on the home version in the left-hand margin, as well as on the mobile version for people on the go who are looking for something to do.

d. Request Site Publishing Access.
If you want to publish directly to Nhv.Org on the blog in the Current Events (news) section, so that your information appears the same as you see in this post, all you need is to fill out the "Start a Project" form. You'll be able to collaborate with the editor on posting and use the same methods of publishing strategies to get the most amount of reach for your effort.

e. Start a Conversation in Forums.
You can also choose to begin a discussion in the Forums Section.

e. Contribute a Map.
You can also choose to begin a discussion in the Forums Section

?: Why Nhv?
Some have asked, what is the significance of those three letters? The answer actually relates to transportation. #Nhv is the code for New Haven Union Station, our link to Boston and New York via railway. It was adopted as the official hashtag of New Haven by some of the first utilizers of Twitter, about 4 years ago, as a means of using fewer characters of the 140 available per post on Twitter to describe something in New Haven. The feed "#Nhv" produces a viable resource of information about the city, and serves as one of the best news aggregates- collecting and compiling information posted by City Hall, Yale, businesses and NGO's alike. In more recent years, Instagram has been providing the same great local content from people who voluntarily tag their posts with #Nhv when taking images that anyone in the city might relate to.