Monday, August 19, 2013

CT Youth Alliance: Reach for Your Resources

Reaching For Resources from CT Youth Alliance on Vimeo.

"New Haven is the 2nd largest city in Connecticut and has over 20,000 identified youth."  This video approaches several different issues:
  • Unstable Homes
  • Teenage Pregancies
  • Interyouth Conflict / Violence
  • Laziness and 
  • Lack of Jobs
The video highlights solutions to these problems in different local organizations such as:

The organization doesn't seem to have a website at the moment, but it has a Twitter and Facebook page.  You can visit their Vimeo page if you'd like to watch their other videos.

"Our lives revolve around the internet and social media, and programs are aware of that.  They display events and information online to connect with us."  Very appropriate!