Sunday, May 26, 2013

TV Shows for Everyone.

Often, I edit the videos you see on this channel from a small apartment in a quiet neighborhood.  Today, I decided to make a short video about a guest who likes to make cameos while I'm working.  He is of the feline species and I appreciate his company.  Now, like everyone else in my life, there is a show about him on the internet.  Not sure who did the singing or the music for this one (certainly not me) and I will advise that it's questionably worth the minute or so to watch this one.

Due to the information today about Nhv posting, however it follows all the guidelines (locally filmed, arguably relevant) and contains self-produced embedded video, which technically deserves bonus points.  Welcome to the 21st Century!  Where everyone (including the cat upstairs) has a reality show on the internet, and the people have the ability to report things themselves.

Stay tuned!  Get film lessons via Nhv and The Grove!