Sunday, May 26, 2013

#NHV Recommended #DayTrips: #ParkSlope #StoopSales

New York is home to some of the best "Stoop Sales" in the country, and thankfully traffic on Sunday mornings is not that bad.  If you leave at the right time, it's only a 90-minute drive.

Nhv.Org occasionally recommends great day trips for Sundays.  These are designed for groups, couples, or families.  This one follows this itinerary:
  • Leave NHV early.  Try to hit the road by 8 or 9am. 
  • Park in Brooklyn.  Take the Whitestone Bridge to Brooklyn.  Park in Park Slope. 
On the Nature of Stoop Sales

In New Haven, a stoop sale is known as a "tag sale."  In other parts of the country, these are known as "Yard Sales."  If you do not have a yard, and only a stoop, then you can call it a stoop sale.  Certainly if there are no tags on anything and the prices are negotiable, it can't be relied on as a "tag sale" either. 

Sunday mornings in Park Slope, there are more than several dozen so-called "stoop sales" going on at the same time.  These are all within walking distance of eachother.  They also contain many items bought by people who no longer need them, and can be yours for prices that are well below that which they were originally paid for. 

Later on, try the Brooklyn Flea, located over by the water near Williamsburg.  More great very affordable antiques and vintage stuff still exists and awaits you there.  

In our journey, we had access to a rooftop in Manhattan near the Brooklyn Bridge, so I suggest you watch the full video for a complete time lapse (music by L.S. Aristotle). 

Stay tuned for more great road trips on Nhv.Org.  

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