Thursday, April 5, 2012

Inside Out Nhv Project This Saturday

(Video from this Afternoon)

Bet ya don't have Lego Spacemen reporters in your neck of the woods, do ya?  This is the 2nd of 3 most recent Space Cowboy videos on a series of instrumental documentary-style videos, each about 3 minutes long, designed to be enjoyed maximally over a minimal period of time.  It's designed that way intentionally because you probably have no time to watch this!  That's all been accounted for.

In this video, we talk to Peruvian Rick, as well as Ben Berkowitz from See Click Fix who tells us about his new super-cool project, called Inside Out NHV, which is a great thing, in my opinion, because it will bring together neighborhoods which have been "separated by the highways."  For more info on that topic, you should research the development of the highway system in the 1950's.  Did you know that the highway system really isn't even that old?  Heck it's already fallen apart 3 times!  Once, real bad in Minnesota.

We should sell Minnesota to the Canadians, and call it Canasoda.  Get it?  Can of Soda?  Pepsi and Coca Cola can fight over the rights to the state flag.  Hey, it's great advertisement opportunities everywhere.

In this great 21st century, we all got our faces on Facebook, glued to the latest thing.  I know it sounds corny but I'm trying to get you off your couch.  So, get on down here you know?  Saturday April 7th, I wonder what the heck is going to happen anyways?