Thursday, April 5, 2012

Space Cowboy Reports.

Today was a little bit crazy.  It started out kind of simple.  I was looking for some freelance videography work, and ran into Joe, who used to save my life when I was a kid.  Back when I was just a lad, and lived in the hood, Joe would walk me back to my house on Elm Street if it was a little bit later in the day, or even if it was night.  I swear he saved my life back then just by being there, walking next to me and talking to me, even if all he did was complain.

I must say, Joe is probably 400 years old.  A while back, he got bit by a brown recluse spider which left a horrible mess of his hand.  Way back in the day he claimed to have fallen off the New Haven Coliseum during an Ozzy Osborne concert.  How he lived, he explained, was that the University rebuilt his skeleton out of Titanium, which sounds very strangely similar to a superhero story, but I'm not one to judge and if Joe wants to believe that he's made out of titanium, I'm certainly not going to ask him for proof, although he has a way of proving it voluntarily with a very bizarre clicking sound in his jaw.

That's what you get for being a townie.  You get to know all of these random people.  It's like cartoon town over here, practically, and I can't justify keeping these legacies to myself.  You people are sitting on a treasure of personality and a wealth of knowledge, characters who have persevered throughout situations that many who live the straight and narrow lifestyle will never have a chance to experience.  This is just one day here, but many other days are like it.  Thankfully in this one, just as in all episodes, by the end everything is back to normal again, ready and waiting for a new day to bring a new episode.  Enjoy.