Sunday, April 22, 2012

Different Slices of Orange St.

Video Notes:  Space Cowboy took it a little too far this time... 

Corner of Orange St. and Cold Spring St. 
The Rock To Rock bike ride event this Saturday went great, with perfect weather and amazing attendance. The Environmental community came together for the event, with tables encouraging people to volunteer for CitySeed.  The Regional Water Authority was there to promote, well, water.  The restaurant crowd was there, as well, including Jason from Caseus, Bun from Miyas, and other restaurants around the area.

art scene
Corner of Orange St. and Chapel St. 
Elsewhere on the same street (on the same day), local artists were celebrating Springtime with a festival of music and vintage cars.  Local sculptor Silas Finch displayed his recently award-winning sculpture, made out of 99% bicycle parts.  Rocko Gallipoli  was there, too, showing off his refurbished VW collection and discussing his next art show at the tattoo shop and gallery in Westville, Keys on Kites, where on May 12th he will be displaying some of his latest stencil art, which is top notch, in my opinion.

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