Friday, January 29, 2010

What Would Funding Go Towards?

This operation is currently being maintained by one individual, with the exception for the work that's volunteered by the music scene (by posting events for themselves on the calendars), and this blog (where posting is selectively open to the public, if the content is quality).

I've asked a few agencies for funding already, and I'm sure that they would like to know that their money would be well-vested for use in the best interest of the community, and used in an effective manner.  Just by the nature that the site has already been assembled voluntarily without any request for funding is an example of the kind of philanthropic principles on which this concept is based.

Ideally, the website would have an office that was located somewhere in the city where it was publicly accessible during the daytime.  It's also important that the equipment stays safe, if funding also allows the organization to have equipment.

It would also pave the way for there to be equipment that interns could use, and potentially keep, in exchange for being trained with the skills to use those tools.  The kinds of equipment I would suggest for interns to carry:
  • Older model iPhones or iPod Touches (for video and mobile blogging, no service contracts). 
  • Older model Macbooks or Powerbooks (on average $200 on eBay with a 5-year avg. life).
  • Older model camcorders with Mini-DV tapes (also found at bargain rate, since outdated). 
The reason that the interns would be getting outdated second-hand equipment is because it's less of a big deal if it breaks or they lose it.  Any intern who breaks or loses their equipment essentially is out of the program by default that we have a limited budget and limited equipment.  

Additional funding would also go towards: 
  • One main computer with modern capabilities as the master controls for the station.
  • One high quality video camera for high-end video projects, to be used only by an admin.
The administrators would be college students, and the interns would be at a high school level.  College students learn the administrative side of the website, and manage those departments.  They're also able to take out the better video cameras, or work with the interns using the better video equipment on videos that have been planned or sketched. 

The organization that runs the operation would be responsible for moderating the content of the website, both by instructing or guiding the college-age administrators about content, and advising on the videos that are scripted, by what should or should not be included.  The goal is not to censor but to harness the creative power of the students by having them focus on the positive means to the end that the site was intended for.

Additional funding provided by grants and other programs I've applied for would go towards the future development of the LocalMaps (This will probably cost about $1200 to completely develop), as well as for better equipment and to compensate videographers to create the quality video content which will make New Haven appear as an appealing place.