Friday, January 29, 2010


The name of the official city website is similar to TownOfNewHaven.Org, but instead of a town, it's a city.  And instead of a .Com, it's an .Org, but they're not at odds with eachother.  I've contacted and invited City Hall to participate in the creation of a citywide media venture, with the interest of promoting culture and tourism, helping organize events thus hopefully increasing attendance, and paying attention to the community.

The reason it's a "town" rather than a "city" is because each place has a different level of anonymity.  In a place like New Haven, you often see the same people again and again.  That's what makes it a town.  This site is an opportunity to get to know the people you might see on the street, and find out in the details of their personal experience just how awesome their lives are.

The reason I've approached City Hall to work together on this project is because the long-term success of the project depends on the cooperation with the city to provide the ground to create a type of hybrid news and internet agency which could also be used as an educational program to teach high school and college students how to work together and create a web program such as this proposes.

It's set up for businesses to open their doors to our film crew, to produce quality commercial documentaries that display the immense amount of work that it takes to run a local business, as well as to show the quality that occurs when local labor is involved, and as a service to their business to help spread awareness of their good work and even their existence.