Friday, January 29, 2010

Calendar Philosophy

This website is not in competition with any of the previously existing news agencies, and does not intend to provide "double coverage."  It's not in competition with ANDI, or the Advocate's events calendar, but it has a philosophy about its design which is supposed to unify the community of organizers by giving them all access to their own control to post events, and then to locate that calendar at a public address on the web.  It will not be made into an iPhone application, because it runs perfectly fine in a web-browser as a HTML page.  As a web page, it is browsable on any device, including any smartphone or a home computer, rather than as an iPhone or Android app which would only work through the each device's respective app store, which is one more step towards obtaining the data.

Rather, it's encouraged for the reader to bookmark the calendar page, and text message the address for the calendars to friends (as, which will be very easy to spell and remember, even on a touchscreen keypad).  That's the best strategy for the Calendar.   It's based in Google, and shared via the format known as "Calendar Sharing" whereby any selected Gmail user can be listed as having permission to share events, or even change events if the details should change over time.

It's not monetized because that would give preference to those who have the money to pay for the additional exposure.  The idea is to level the playing field and give every business and organization an equal chance to acquire additional exposure, which hopefully will increase their activity as a business or an event.

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