Friday, January 29, 2010

Name Changes

For clarification purposes, the official name of this website is TownOfNewHaven.Org which has then been sub-divided into Nhv.Org, which is a mobile version of the site, as well as another domain, Tnh-1.Com, but has been scrapped to make way for a better structural model for media.  There are other structural addresses within the site that are going to change (for example, Nhv.Org/Calendar/listings.htm will soon be shortened to Nhv.Org/Cal, and other minor improvements).

The reason that I've settled on Nhv.Org is because:

  • It's only 3 letters long, therefore easier to spread in conversation.
  • All the important community leaders are using #nhv to describe it on Twitter.  
  • It's an .Org because it's not a for-profit media venture, but a community-building adventure. 

Right now, all of those names go to the same place.  The point of the site is to provide you with up-to-date quality information about events and happenings in and around New Haven.  It's also to show you what a vibrant, diverse and unique experience it is to live in this great town.