Saturday, January 14, 2012

Go To A Show.

The local music scene enters events directly into a google calendar.  This has been made possible by Miyas Gift Certificates.  Thanks Miyas!!!  I hear they're opening up an Italian-inspired sushi place called Momma Miyas.  That's only what I've heard.

There's events listed as far away as May!  If there's one community that knows how to work together on a great project, it's the music scene.  Thanks to everyone that has participated in this social experiment.  After just a month and a half after an initial announcement, the response has been amazing.  Now let's get people to go see some local music.  Here's what you've been missing!

To find out more about the bands that are listed on the calendar, you can google them, or better yet you can cross-reference them on a soon-to-be-developed Band List, which is still under construction.