Monday, July 28, 2014

Uplifting Story from Westville

Video produced by Stereomedia Creative Services - distributed by Nhv.Org

For Pete's Sake: A Westville Experience from New Haven, Connecticut on Vimeo.

If you caught our article from the other day, you'd have been there for this excellent pizza party sponsored by iSliceNhv, the acclaimed pizza place in town. The family suggested donation was $30 and the party was basically open to the public.

Stereomedia makes films about you.

The reason for the fundraiser was because Dominic Paglia agreed to an operation where he gave 55% percent of his liver to his uncle, Pete. The surgery was performed May 20th 2014 at PennMedicine, and according to the family went remarkably smooth (see video).

Interviews included in the video are:

Dominic (organ donor)

Dave (organ transplant recipient)

Donald (father of the donor, brother of the recipient)

Chris (wife of Donald)

Justin (recipient's son)

There may be a few others mixed in there. I believe Mike, the bartender from Da Legna, is in there somewhere playing soccer towards in the beginning.

It's true; the Paglias are a remarkable family. And they're just one example of some of the amazing people you're going to learn about in New Haven, here on Nhv!

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iSliceNhv pizza truck who did catering for the event

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