Friday, April 18, 2014

Celebrating Earth Day in Westville

Celebrating Earth Day in Westville  
New Haven, CT - April 13, 2014 – Urban SEED [ ] Ponics Lab in Westville is celebrating Earth Day on April 22 with a speaker panel and film showing. While enjoying coffee and desserts, guests may listen to speakers’ presentations on “Why Organic?” at 6:30 pm. The panelists will also share information on how their organizations work to protect the environment.

The first Earth Day was held in April 1970. Spurred by growing ecological crises, Senator Gaylord Nelson proposed a national grass-roots teach-in on the environment to send a message to Washington. A month later, Nelson’s Senate newsletter read: “A new movement had begun, and uncounted millions—students, laborers, farmers, housewives, politicians, professional people, liberals and conservatives—who might have found it difficult to find common agreement on any other subject, were gathering together in a massive educational effort to talk about survival and the quality of survival in a world they all share."
Scheduled speakers on April 22 include Greg Celantano of Hearts for People Sustainable Fabrics, Eric Ciolino of One World Coffee Roasters, and Brad Armstrong of Urban SEED [ ] Ponics Lab, a space which uses hydroponics and other ponics-based gardening methods as a way to grow micro-greens for local commercial markets or restaurants. Justin Elicker, Executive Director of the New Haven Land Trust, will also speak at the event. The New Haven Land Trust is a non-profit organization that creates opportunities for neighborhood residents to experience their environment through open space preservation, environmental education and community garden cultivation.

Everyone is invited to take part in a discussion and then stay to watch the film, Earth Days, a globe-spanning documentary of consciousness-changing events and realizations that prompted our new environmental awareness. The event is open to the public and a $10-15 donation is suggested. Urban SEED [ ] Ponics Lab is located at 847 Whalley Avenue. For more information, please call Brad Armstrong at 203.446.6228.