Monday, February 3, 2014

Coffee Pedaler: Open

If there's a snowstorm, feel free to swing on by the Coffee Pedaler on State Street. One of the most economical things is to pick up a carafe of coffee for six bucks. It makes like 8 cups of coffee and that's more than enough for you and a couple of friends. Comfortable ambient atmosphere and friendly staff make this coffeeshop the only five-star rated on Yelp in the area, and the best place for you to get some work done, and be semi-sociable in the process.

It's more than worth it. I found myself surrounded by birds, with highway traffic on the Interstate in the background. Not many souls dared to trek to the pedaler this afternoon, but it was an acceptable tour of the neighborhood for myself and Willowbee, my dog, this morning.

I suggest you get some fresh air and enjoy the global warming happening out there too.