Saturday, March 1, 2014

Plans for a New Underpass Mural: Summer 2014

Residents of East Rock and Fair Haven are being asked for their opinion on the direction of a new public art project in the City of New Haven, pertaining to the i-91 Underpasses that border the two neighborhoods, nearby State Street. One underpass is being considered, depicted here.  All are welcome to submit ideas which will later be discussed and considered. Another form to be released later will be for proposals, and the answers from this particular survey will help guide the direction of the open call for artists to propose projects for this particular underpass art project.

On this page, you'll also find a Questionnaire filled with various different inquiries. The committee is trying to get as much public input as possible.

This organizing of this is made possible by a volunteer committee of community members and neighbors from that area, including one alderperson, several architects, and a small team from the School of Management. Today, that group will be reaching out to people on the Fair Haven side of the underpass. The public is invited to join the open Facebook group. The goal is to help finance and organize the installation of a work of art, and in order to accomplish this successfully, it must include input from you in order to hopefully please the community the most with the final outcome: a large work of art for the public to enjoy.

Here's the live survey. Please take the time to fill this out on your home computer or tablet. As you are considering the possibility of public art, keep in mind that your thoughts and opinions are being taken into consideration.

As you fill out the form, you'll notice that things pick up at question 4, where the survey sets sights on your opinion. "Do you want art in the underpass?" It asks, unassumingly in question 3.

Question 6 is a particularly useful. If you have submitted art for the project, be sure to describe it here.  If you answer "Yes" to 8, then it would probably be beneficial to include your contact information in question 10. If you'd like to be informed about the project's developments, you can stay tuned here on Nhv.Org, or also be informed by email as the plans progress.

Additional questions being asked by the survey include "How do you interact with the underpass currently?" If you interact with the wall by speaking to it, there is an option for "Other (please specify). If you have any impressions of the underpass, there is a paragraph for that. (For example, "It's not very talkative" would be one way of responding).

These are all very important and it's beneficial to have as much input as possible. The answers that the public gives to these questions will be taken into consideration as the art project continues to reach getting approved by the DOT, and funded by the powers that be.

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