Friday, February 7, 2014

Art Shows Tonight: Katro Storm, ArtSpace.

Check out some art tonight. 7pm - ??
Tonight's a good night to tour the local arts scene, with two shows taking place within walking distance; we hope you'll see both. Katro Storm, the talented painter who created the outdoor murals for NHFPL's Stetson Branch is having his first solo show, at a gallery space carved out of the YMCA on Howe Street. Here's the event page.

Art Shows Tonight

  • Katro Storm at 52 Howe St. 
  • ArtSpace "Smart Painting" at 50 Orange Street
Another event tonight is ArtSpace is "Smart Painting." Like SmartCars and SmartWater, this exhibit exemplifies doing something, like painting, cars, and water, but more intelligently.


Smart Painting is an activity.  Through this activity, the ten artists in this show pose a range of questions.  At their most basic level these include: what does a painting look like? How was it painted? And what was it painted on?
A "smart painting."  
The works answer these questions in three ways, identified in the wall texts and subsections of the exhibition. First by referencing the limitations of their structures (“the frame”), second by exploiting the physicality of their surfaces (“the canvas”) and third by employing painterly strategies that enter the arena of the aesthetic realm (“the concept or idea”).   Breaking down a painting into its anatomical parts—“bones,” “flesh” and “brain,” the exhibition recasts these concrete terms more playfully.

The stake of this show is to recognize a painting that might appear lazy, hip or na├»ve as a measured strategy or intelligent vehicle for challenging the tradition of what it means to be a painting.  These artists trouble the notion that a painting must be a stoic representation of reality.  Rather, they pursue casual abstraction as a method for depicting “reality” by questioning recognizable material, concepts and everyday forms. 
The show features works by:

John O'Donnell lives and works in Connecticut.  He is a multidisciplinary artist and has created performance pieces for the Museum of New Art in Detroit, MI, Proof Gallery in Boston, MA, Flux Space in Philadelphia, PA and SOHO20 Gallery in New York, NY.  His videos have been exhibited at the Chelsea Art Museum in New York and at film festivals in Boston, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Moscow and Saint Petersburg, Russia. O'Donnell is an adjunct professor of studio and digital arts at University of Connecticut, Gateway Community College and Eastern Connecticut State University. 

Katro Storm is an artist living in New Haven. He's been around for a while. 
Tonight is his first solo art exhibit. 
Get to know Katro Storm from Boo Slick Show on Vimeo.

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