Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ninth Square Report

Silas' Art Across the Street (in the window or in a video
You should know that there are plenty of restaurants in the Ninth Square, but there is more to it than just food. The skateboarding expert known as Silas Finch has his art on display across the street from Bentara at 76 Orange, where there will be Pecha Kucha next Wednesday Jan 29, starts at 6:30pm.

Of those presenting at this event, among the most interesting is Eric, a brilliant kid. He developed HandySpeech App (download)

Pecha Kucha is an event where speakers give short presentations illustrated by slideshows that they design. Each slide appears for 20 seconds; there are a total of 20 images per each presenter. Check the lineup.

Pecha Kucha Lineup for Wednesday Jan 29th

Giada at CWOS 2012
Here's the next Pecha Kucha lineup.
1.  Mitz Carr (Trinity Rowing)
Rowing Is Life Well Lived

2.  Patrick Foley (P2 Science)
Flavor& Fragrance through Sust. Chemistry

3.  Giada Crispiels (Italian Artist)
Residencies for Artists

4.  Craig Borkenhagen

5.  Lani Asuncion (Multimedia Artist)
Modern Myth Making (featured at 1:54, her studio at CWOS)

6.  Ray Zhou and Aicha Woods (Musician and Architect)
Beauty in Ice for Us (Aicha featured at 0:11 on left)

7.  Mark Williams (Artist)
Caving’s Influence on his Art (his video)

Screen shot of HandySpeech (Eric Zeiberg
8.  Eric Zeiberg (App Developer)
Giving a Voice to People Without One

9.  Daniel Eugene (Feruvius)
Line Drawings and Spoken Word

10.  Gale Zucker (Photography)
The Wonder of Nash Island Sheep

Pecha Kucha on Insta
You can also watch videos of previous Pecha Kucha
presentations on Robert Kalm's Vimeo.

One of the best features about Instagram are the videos. Check this one out.