Friday, January 17, 2014

A Well-Informed Society.

Animated Gifs and Rollover Objects. 
Nhv.Org has taken some steps to become better oriented to serve the public community in becoming more well-informed. As one of the city's best developed news aggregates, it compiles all locally relevant information from every different source into a neat package of colorful photographs, minimal amounts of editorialization, and the occasional interesting video, with many options to include both the public and nonprofit organizations in designing their press releases on the page itself to their specifications using free Google accounts, supported only by local business.

Here is the new layout of the site.

New Features. 

1.  New "Home" Screen. 

One of the main issues with the old "Home" screen was that it went straight here: the Google content management system known colloquially as "Blogger." Rather than doing that, now it goes to a series of various pages, each with a different purpose and theme.

  • Current Events.  That's the page. you can get access.

  • Video Channel.  Redesigned to aggregate the best local videos. 

  • Photo Archive.  Now you can download photos, order prints. 

and then there's forum, maps, and events.

1.  New "Mobile" Screen. 

The other issue with the mobile version of the site was that the meta-tag "viewport" sized the screen in such a way that it was difficult to scroll. This process has been simplified.

and then there's facebook, gmail, and twitter.

Did I ever say I was the best web designer?  Never. Did I ever postulate that I had an incredible ability for anything? No, but this site does something, and it's been useful for me because it's been my main tool at discovering what's going on in New Haven.  I hope you can tell you friends to use it too, because there's no better way to get a clear picture of everything going on right at this moment than to check Twitter for the latest #NHV posts. That was why I grabbed the domain. The previous owner did not know that those three letters were being used by the City of New Haven, Yale University, the New Haven Register, the New Haven Independent and citizens like you, to mention the city that we all live and exist in; the true nature of a "Hyperlocal."

I don't have the best web design skills, but I see what's going on, and I wanted to share it with everyone. I can't amaze you with my writing or great photo skills or even my videography skills, but when you create something which ties in centrally to the hub of everything going on locally, then you have something which by all means is not just entertaining, but informative. And this website was really designed to do just that: develop a more well-informed society.