Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Welcome to October. Here's some Gargoyles.

Yale Gargoyles from #NHV on Vimeo.

Interestingly enough, the word for "gargoyles" is similar to "gargle" (the thing you do with mouth wash) because gargoyles were originally decorative and ornamental additions to gutters, which typically gushed out rainwater during storms.

A public talk and private tour by Mathew Duman, author of The Gargoyles of Yale University, is taking place at the New Haven Free Public Library on Saturday. The 3pm talk is free and open to everyone. The NHFPL will host a benefit private tour and reception immediately following the public talk. Tickets are $15/$25 couple. Details about tickets: 203-946-7454.  Books will be available for purchase at both events.

3pm Discussion at NHFPL Free
4pm Tour of Yale (tickets online)

Saturday, October 5th 3pm
133 Elm Street New Haven CT