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Recommended Day Trips: Kent CT

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Every once in a while, we like to add a new recommended day trip to; these are typically places you can visit in one day, with the use of a regular passenger vehicle and the accompaniment of your favorite allies.  Today's recommended day trip is way up Route 7, not too far from the upstate New York border: Kent, Connecticut.  It's about an hour away, even if you take only the back roads.  This is the type of place where folks like Henry Kissinger would most prefer to call home.  It also has a pretty nice waterfall

This is also where the Appalachian Trail makes its passage through Connecticut on its way to the Berkshires.  This is a great stretch of trail to take a walk in the woods, if you're Bill Bryson.

The trail itself runs 52 miles through CT, but we only took a short walk before we got lost. 
Actually we went on one big loop and found ourselves accidentally at a boarding school.  

That became a great place to sit down and have lunch, so we picnicked there.  It was a gorgeous bright sunny day, of about 80°.

The Kent School sits on a smaller hill behind a very large hill, nestled in the Connecticut/NY border.  It's home to some relatively famous and noteworthy alumni; mostly actors, artists, supermodels and actresses; as well as some diplomats, authors, and professional athletes. It seemed like a picturesque place to go to high school.  It served us fairly well as a great place to have some lunch and explore while it was still unoccupied for the summertime.  Our dog loved it and sat on top of a painted rock.

Route 7, which leads from the Connecticut coastline to Burlington VT (and then some) runs along the Housatonic River, at least in its CT portion.  A few hydroelectrical powerplants have been installed, which is one of the earliest forms of clean energy.  River water is translated into electromotive force.  Turbines then send power to the area.  One thing that I found particularly interesting is the existence of an old technology known as pumped storage electricity.

Stay tuned for more recommended day trips!
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