Saturday, July 27, 2013

Tonight on the New Haven Green.

Food Vendors Prepare
If this is the way you like it, then you will get it.  Because it's going down.  You might also know KC and the Sunshine band as also responsible for the song that goes "Shake shake shake.  Shake shake shake.  Shake your booty."  Such lyrics are unmistakable in a society so keen on observations.

With so many amazing local bands, it's kind of disconcerting to go to a concert to hear something you could just by turning on nearly any nostalgic radio station when there are bands like True Blues, the Mates of State, and even Child Actor which is a local band who broke the top 20 College Radio charts.  Or Small Multiples, who were featured on NPR Music.  The list goes on and on, of talented and often disregarded local performers who are passionate about making the best music, and being true professionals at it.

Oficial Flyer
Local bands need a hand, in getting their careers advanced.  Many such groups already have local followings and would love an opportunity to play on the New Haven Green.  So I guess what this post is about, to the people that care and the few who have the power to change things...  Why not consider next year selecting at least one local band?

KC Boogies:  KC and the Sunshine Band.
July 27 Saturday - 7pm.
For more information and a complete list of special events, offers and parking information visit:  InfoNewHaven.Com.

Stage is being set.