Saturday, July 27, 2013

Friday Afternoon Recap

Clouds and rain gave way late in the day on Friday, as people downtown were gearing up downtown for an interesting afternoon.  Into evening, we had several different things going on, aside from cooler than usual temperatures for the past couple days, and the first real glimpses of sunlight since Weds.

At The Grove, members discuss plans for the 48-Hour Film Project, which is now in progress until Sunday.  On the table were various different genres, and each were discussed with varying degrees of fervor.  Least fervorous of all were the "zombie" genre of film, as described by one member to be a significant challenge with regard to the amount of costume makeup involved.  The best hint we can come up with?  Let's put it this way, can you imagine a Western Detective movie?  If all goes well, that's what they're going to make, hopefully, within the constraint of the 48-hour timeframe they have to accomplish it.

Simulaneously, Michael Galvin of ArtSpace disregards all joggers and passers by as he meticulously arranges the gallery in that forum.  A special "Summer Apprenticeship Show" was opening that evening and is still on display.

You can visit the Artspace Website anytime to find out more about current and future shows.

You can also visit The Grove to find out more about what makes co-working space great, and
what makes it one of the best of such places in town. Membership is easy & worth looking into.