Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Book Trader: Vote With Your Tips

Book Trader on Chapel has been using tips as a means of calculating pop culture opinions in our area.
Now they have a Tumblr, spilling out the information performed by public financial evaluations.

With such questions as "Darth Vader or Ralph Nader?" we were particularly surprised to find that Vader won on that particular vote.  You can participate in this endeavor simply by visiting BookTrader at their location on Chapel Street, and voting with your tips on which you feel more passionately about, based on the options they set forth; sometimes several a day.  The tip jar has been divided into two separate portions.  The side that has the most amount of funding essentially "wins" the vote.

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Book Trader Cafe's first search result on Google goes to a hair salon place currently, which I suppose is something of an issue at the moment.  Their actual website is Book Trader at Yale (dotcom).  In the meantime, you can read this delightful Chris Arnott article on CT.Com or perhaps watch that thing about that establishment on the Travel Channel (same link).  This old timey site was made in '04, which is almost as much fun as the Gastronomique website we found.