Sunday, July 14, 2013

Rain Doesn't Discourage Chalkville

Photo:  Tina Lindstrom (Americorps AlumsCT)
West Haven.
Persistent precipitation won't cause any perspiration at Chalkville in West Haven this weekend.
Chalkville is still set to meet their goal of becoming the largest chalk drawing in the world.

Plenty of chalk for everyone
We want you to participate!  Simply follow the map down below and head over there with as much commercially available chalk as you can find.  Operators with brooms are standing by.

Today's Weather
As Dr. Mel would say, "There's a lot of weather out there."  After yesterday's odds, Sunday is looking like it might live up to its name (depending on how isolated those thunderstorms are).   Use the dynamic map below to visit and participate in Chalkville.

They'll be continuing their efforts all day today today.  Here's their location.  You can register on site.
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Photos by Tina Lindstrom with E-PL1
SocialMedia  Instagram.Com/#Chalkville

Anyone can register upon arrival.