Thursday, July 11, 2013

Instagram Geotagging on Nhv

Geography is important, and the world is based on places.  People have homes, and 95% of homes are stationary.  While people have a tendency to move, geographical places remain fixed in their position, and that's the importance of the hashtag #Nhv.

The growing list of people who use it can be found on both Instagram and Twitter.  Their ranks are numerous!  This map shows you people who have identified their photographs as "New Haven" via this three-letter code, based on the Amtrak station identification for New Haven, Connecticut.

The goal of this site?  Hopefully to gather a better insight for what is really going on around here!  As well, to solidify the context of our geographic region and to make access to Nhv.Org publicly available.

To post your pictures to this website, just tag it with #Nhv and it'll appear right here.  Or there.  Actually it will show up all over the place, on both the home and mobile versions of the site.

View the mobile version of the site to gather some insight into what is going on at the present moment, through its three major features:

1.  Calendar of Events
2.  Twitter #Nhv Feed
3.  Instagram #Nhv Feed
4.  Articles, such as this one.

You're encouraged to read the articles at a home computer or a desktop for the optimal experience.  Embedded maps don't always appear to work properly on mobile cellphones, even if you have the one that is big enough for Shaquille O'Neal!

#Nhv is Latitude: 41°18′36″N Longitude: 72°55′25″W.