Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Boost Your Local Endeavor with Social Media.

Let's say that you have a local endeavor.  There are a couple rules for what kinds of projects we are willing to work on.  There are a few fair regulations:
  • Small Endeavor Booster.  Must be a locally owned and operated business.  In other words, Starbucks and Walmart need not apply, whereas Willoughby's or something similar is acceptable.  This is for local businesses only; no unwieldy chains or corporations, please.
  • Share and share alike.  You can use the materials for your own volition, to promote your business on your own channels as well.  Blog posts are automatically tweeted by @nhvorg which has over 400 authentic local followers, and only follows verified local people.  
  • In it to win it (for everyone).  Videos are produced by StereoMedia, our in-house video production company.  Stereomedia pairs up local artists with local businesses such as yours to get them work and to bring you more business.  
Nhv.Org received over 1500+ views this week.  99% of our viewers are in the United States, most likely in the downtown New Haven area, due to the fact that we don't conventionally "search engine optimize" and only employ the use of social media, word of mouth and sidewalk chalk to spread awareness of our existence.

And it's working great!

People come to this site, looking for new and interesting information online that they would otherwise not know about.  We want to make New Haven look cool and interesting to the outside world, and our Business Booster program is no exception.  All organic traffic!

We use high-powered photo/video equipment and software.

Browse this site for details!