Thursday, May 23, 2013

Westville Launches Reality Series

Youtube has been redesigned by Google to look a lot more like Netflix, and we now have a new channel. It's called YouTube.Com/TownOfNewHaven.
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This week, a group in Westville, Connecticut, decided to create a reality TV series in order to show, anthropologically, what life is like at this point in time in the 21st century for a group of late twenty-somethings.  Maybe even some early thirty-somethings.

It's being produced by an artist known as SpacePirate who also produced the Boo Slick Show for Jahmal Henderson.  That show follows art and culture around the area of NewHallville and features guests and performances.  It has run for 6 episodes and new ones are expected this summer.  SpacePirate describes the new show like this:

"In the Westville reality series, they fix cars, they talk about girls, they bounce on trampolines.  It certainly isn't the life of the mega-rich or wealthy, but it definitely establishes the existence of a few human beings in a certain time and place.  There will
dominic talks about eating bugs
be more conversations involved in the show as it progresses, but the goal is to keep the tone somewhat intellectual and nuanced in its content for the purpose of speaking to the massive group of people that are swept away in the quagmire of reality television.  I certainly would never watch the show myself, but as an exercise of learning how to produce a show, it's been demonstratively expletive."

Speaking of expletives, there may be a few.  But they're being cut to a minimum and it's being adapted as edited to stay within a PG-13 rating guideline.

You can watch the show on the TownOfNewHaven YouTube Channel, and stay up to date with the latest in arts and culture on the network that also brought you most recenlty the latest Vine postings from ECA/HSC graduate Liz Theis, who now resides in Brooklyn, NY.

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