Tuesday, March 19, 2013

All-A-Glow on Sunday

SiteProjects is a community based non-profit organization that commissions site-specific art projects in the public realm in New Haven by internationally-recognized artists.  The goal is to present visual art that appeals to a broad and diverse audience and that is site-specific to New Haven, an economically and ethnically mixed city that supports a vibrant arts community and many other cultural resources.  [source]

This year, they will be installing with Yvette Mattern, a Berliner with a passion for lasers.  These lights reach 40 kilometers and will be beaming across New Haven from April 24th until April 27th from Dusk to 1am.  A trajectory chart will be available in the upcoming weeks, with regards to places / locations that might be suitable for viewing.  Find out about how you can be involved.

SiteProjects is also offering an educational guide and online classroom on their website, so that schools can become more educated about New Haven's history, and about light diffraction.  This year marks the 375th anniversary of New Haven's history as a city.  

This Sunday: A Benefit at BAR On Crown Street [$15] to Help Support This Project.

This Sunday at BAR experience local talent.

The benefit this sunday will feature groups like SundaggerFake BabiesBlinding Yellow, Constantly Burning Fire, and L.S. Aristotle.  There will be FREE limited edition prints for those who secure Advanced Tickets.  Other amenities include Live Painters, Hip Hop Dancers, LED Hula Hoopers, Face Painting, Free Gifts, and I don't see how it could get any better than Free Gifts.  Whenever you hear free gifts, that generally insures that you should probably get advanced tickets.  

View their official press release for more information or research some more about these upcoming events by trying some of the links that you see on this page. 

See you this Sunday March 24th 
From 7pm at 254 Crown St. in New Haven, CT.