Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Photographers Welcome!

Attention Photographers.  Here's a great new way to share your photos.

  • Post a photo to the website
  • Write a photojournalistic essay
  • Enter your photos to the New Haven Museum database for historical preservation
  • Make a Desktop Background Archive for sharing purposes
  • Monetize your photos for local sales
That's a bunch of options.  

You can even add captions.

Picture this.  If you take photos all the time, and some of them are meant for just you or your family, don't share them on Nhv.Org!  But if you take a picture where the light is hitting a building perfectly, and then you have 4 or 5 of these, why not make a collection and share them with everyone?

Not everyone makes a quadrillion bucks selling photographs for a living.  Many of us now in the 21st century can take a high-resolution photograph with the same device we take our phone calls.  That's pretty spectacular.  And so I'm asking, what are we to do with all this freedom?

I say share it.  Forget about making a buck off it.  Because maybe someone will see that photo, and feel kind of good about seeing it, and want others to see it.  Isn't it worth other people's happiness?  Would you deprive the world of the happiness of seeing a wonderful photo, just because you're not going to make a buck?

The world could be more valuable, if we learn how to share in the positive experiences.  Maybe we can make the world a better place.  Certainly there are many ways to try.  Here are a few.